Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's new from Doppelganger? (=

Hi all! Doppelganger has some new releases that I'll be showing you today. Have fun!

~The Lana Swimsuit comes in 13 rich colors with some cupcakes so make it look cute. It comes with all layers so you're able to wear anything with it.

~The Greer Dress comes in 8 lovely colors and with 8 belts. I added some tights from Hyper culture. The dress comes in all layers as well.

~My favorite! The Amelia Romper comes in 7 colors with a cuff attachment to make it all look stunning. Awesome details and highlights like always. I'm really impressed by these new outfits. I've got many choices to mix and match them with. Really worth the visit to Doppelganger.

More to come soon! :)


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