Friday, April 30, 2010

Luck inc. newness :D

Hi all! Luck inc has some new items at their store. The open buttoned dress and the open buttoned tops. They are both very sexy and they come in 2 options. You could either wear them pulled (as shown in the last pic) or normal. I actually like the normal look more because I don't usually wear pulled shirts.. but it's up to you! :) The dress comes in 15 colors and the tops come in 15 colors as well. All the colors are just awesome and there's no favorite color, at least for me :P What I love the most about the dress is the prim skirt, superb. It's not even showing so you won't have to bother adjusting the color and stuff. That's something I love, love and adore about luck inc.'s prims! :D Check the pics out!

~The open buttoned shirt worn in pastel blue and white.

~The open buttoned shirt worn in lilac and taupe.

~The open buttoned dress worn in black and camel.

~And finally the open buttoned dress worn in eggplant and dark pastel red.

Landmark to Luck inc.

I'm off to haz some burgers! :D

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