Wednesday, April 21, 2010


While wandering SL today I found a nice promising new-to-me shop... Muhi is it called, named after creator Rui Muhindra I'm assuming, and it has not yet got a lot of stock. But what is available is so worth tping over for. All textures are hand drawn and sculpts originals, all of this of a very good quality. I laid my hands on the Effy Shorts Suit in Midnight Acqua immediately. The sculpts are a bit hard to adjust, I must admit, but some parts have a built-in resizing hud which is really helpfull. I tp'd my friend Dido over and she bought herself the Asymmetrical Bodysuit in Purple.

The boots Dido are wearing are G-Fields latest subscribo gift, as a teaser for the new release which comes in so many new colors...

Tomorrow is the day some of you have been anticipating for: Tuli will release her new skin Sayuri. Dido is wearing the recent groupgift and its stunning. I think Tuli has been very clever by creating a nice mix between Asian and caucasian influences, making the skin a perfect melting pot. I have never before in SL been inclined to wear a skin which is nothing like my RL self for such a long time.

Kus Nere

Styling credits:

On Dido:
Skin: Tuli - groupgift Sayuri (tone 2 freckles)
Hair: MrS Hot - Matte brown medium length
Outfit: Muhi - Asymmetrical Bodysuit (Purple)
Boots: G-Field - Short Lace-Up Boots (lavender)

On Nere:
Skin: Tuli - Sayuri (tone 1, make up 5b)
Hair: Fri. - Yelena2 (sensitive black)
Outfit: Muhi - Effy Shorts Suit (Midnight Acqua)
Shoes: Fri. - Dream.Booties (black)

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