Friday, April 2, 2010

Poised For!!

I thought I would take a lag break from the big hunts and try a store egg hunt.  I was soooo pleasantly surprised by the wonderful things I found on the Poised egg hunt.  It's a pretty easy hunt - 12 eggs, not terribly well hidden (thank you!).  It was just what I needed. released some new boots that go wonderfully when paired with my new hunt outfits.  The boots come with an alpha layer so if your on SL2 your don't need those horrid invisiprims prims anymore - which take your cuffs off  or leave you with no feet (one positive thing I can say about SL2 anyways).  Head to Poised - not sure how long it lasts!  Some of the sweet stuff:

BZ Maroon Tee and Overalls
Gotcha BloodLine 
Space Bomb Orange

Grunge Dress (worn with Lucid Belt - new release not free)
Tramp Glitter Set
All Over Rouge

CumOn Red
Floral Grey & Fade Jeans Dream Booties (new release - not free) Journey Boots (new release - not free)

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