Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dominos Pizza and Glam Affair! =D

Hii all! I've been super busy this week. University, housework, tests. Bleh. But thank god tomorrow is weekend! yay! And I just can't get enough of these yummy pizzas. =X. Anyways, Have fun!

~I'm sure you have seen this on the feeds some weeks ago or so. And I admit, I'm the one late in blogging it. But as you all know my internet wasn't working for almost a week so that's another reason. Anyways! Glam affair's latest collection [ELEMENT] is love! I'm obsessed with black and with these new outfits I have an excuse to wear black! I love how every outfit is different than the other. All very fashionable and sexy. In my opinion, some can be worn anytime. Some are too formal. So you could decide when to wear them! I'm in love with the butterfly pads on the shoulders. They fit perfectly and are very cute. Some outfits remind me of lady gaga, for some reason, lol. I love outfits that are detailed and with beautiful textures. And that's exactly what I love about these outfits. Great sculpties, stunning prims. Such a breathtaking collection!

I love them so much! They are 7 in total but I'm only showing 6. They're all very stunning! ♥ ♥ ♥


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