Friday, April 9, 2010

My love for Urbanity! :D

Hi all! Today I'm going to show you some of the stuff I have from Urbanity. I was just bored so I thought I'd do a big post with all the stuff I love from there. There are no style credits this time, because it will take me forever. Just ask if you want to know where's something from. Have fun!! =D

My favorite of them all, the wool dress. Super.awesome.amazing adorable! The black one is my favorite color. Of course there are many other colors, but I'm only showing 3. They include a scarf too, but I am wearing my own scarf from Mr.Poet . These sexy dresses look great with the heels that are at the bottom of this post.

~The tied shirt that comes in 16 colors is very simple. There are many rich colors that I love, but I wasn't able to show them because silly me, I forgot to take pictures and went immediately to photoshop. lol! The flats are also from Urbanity and are color change to change every part of the shoe! So you have lots of choices. :D Karina blogged it here.

~This cute short sweater that comes in 15 colors. Will look awesome when you mix and match it.

~*UB* Angelina Underwear. Very cute! I love the blue one. You could just wear these and stay at home with friends or someone special ;P

~I'm in love with these heels. Super cute! Even my sister got them. Many beautiful colors included. There's a resize script as well. There's a plain version and a striped version.

Have a nice day, blek tomorrow I have college :/ (And BTW if you're wondering.. our weekends here is on Friday and Saturday, yeah i know, sick.)

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