Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Tulip Hunt!

This made me nostalgic of the Pretzel Hunt.  Again, German designers showing off their stuff.  This is a pretty large hunt (100 shops) but relatively easy even without hints, as the shop owners all make excellent use of the hunt paths.  You can read more about the hunt here.  Still time to get it all done as it runs until May 2nd.  I am only showing you a fraction of the wonderful things I got (clothing actually comprises only a very small portion of this hunt, however, being a fashionista I felt compelled to show it off).  Happy Hunting!
TrendStyle: Naughty Dress in red
A/P Creations:  Shirt, Pants, Tie (also comes with shoes)
SLC: Nora Black Top and Pants
SexIna Dirty Fashion: Just Dirty tank and jeans
Badoura Design: Lale dress purple
LeeL: Tuliphunt Tuelpchen
Rihanna: Marcia Satindress (my absolute favorite of this hunt.  I got several compliments right after wearing it.  I can't wait to go back and check out the store some more.
Intimate You: Tulip Hunt Dress (comes with shoes)

Gerri Fashion: Elbusy Pants and Jacket
vitage: Sea Breeze Dress
LaRosa: Jacket, jeans and boots
Mondira & Viviane Fashion: Tulip Hunt Dress, Scarf and Shoes

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