Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hyper Culture latest high waist skirts!! \o/

Hi all! Hyper culture's previous release is this pack with pretty high waist skirts. I wasn't able to blog these because as I said in the previous post, I was too busy!

There are many colors to choose from and they come in all layers! It's a must have to complete your cutesy look! As usual, the textures and shadings are stunning. The owner added some secret recipe of strawberry cupcakes which made it all adorable! ^^ If I am able to fatpack these once again, I would do it 10 times! It's just adorableness+loveliness. I love pretty bright colors and flowers. This would look perfect with the new tights as well. So it's all about mixing and matching until you get the cutesy look :) The pictures say it all!

I'm showing 6 colors here only, but remember... there are many colors! :D


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