Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just for the Girls Hunt!

This is a big one - 110 shops.  I swear I was seeing little pink hats in my sleep after finishing.  You can find more information on the hunt here.  I strongly suggest using the hints on the hunt blog - they helped me loads.  Sorry this is such a huge post, but there were sooo many things I wanted to show off (and loads more I thought I better not take up more space with).  If you want help or hints for this or any other hunt, please consider joining my chat group Happy Hunters, a group of sweet, helpful, seasoned professionals.  Please (please) don't send me IM's asking where the gifts are.  Happy Hunting!

AlaFolie: POPPY - Dress, Necklace, Shoes, Hair Accessory
Pr!tty: Checkers Dress, Boots, Bracelet & Earrings
Rag Dollz: Girl on the Town Dress

Pretty Fashion: Top & Jeans
Delirium: Floral Escape Tank & Jeans
Coe Dust Designs: Shirt & Jeans
Fabienne Bolissima Couture: Cameriera Red Top, Skirt, Stockings

Hyper Culture: Catsuit
G Sloane Couture: Spun Sugar Dress
Damage: Leather Sport Set 
DYN: Neve Dress - Green Sequins

III: Hott Bikini and Mesh Jacket
Sexy Sewing:  Cami, Panties & Shorts
Alexohol Fashions: Cosmo Dress

evie: Pink Star Tank & Panties set
Ducknipple: Peel Pink Dress
Primitive Design: Team 69- shirt

Luxurious World: Yellow Dress
Sassy:  Knotted Shirt, Leather Vest and Latex Leggings
SSH Designs: Pinstriped vest, pants, bracelets & necklace

KHUSH: Siena Comfi Sweater & Jean Skirt
Wink*L: Skull Top & Belt Chain
Before Sleep:  Striped Vest, Shirt, Pants (includes shoes, not shown)

Ohara: Square Sexy Dress
KAYFO: Mini Dress
Jador Fashion: Lady Godiva Gown & Mask

Callie Kline: Spring Flats

A-Bomb: Black Wedges
Deviant Designs: Pink Luna Shoes
Kalnins Fashion Footwear: Boots

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