Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newness and awesomeness!

Hey everybody :) I realized that I haven't blogged in a while.. well here I am! Hmm nothing to say, so enjoy! **amazing stuff to see**

The outfits shown in the first three pics are all from Urbanity's latest release..

These dresses are fabulous. Well what makes them beautiful is that they come in many layers, which is something I lovee about urbanity's products. Trixi makes cute stuff, and i adore her sexy minis. Her textures are gorgeous and I like how she makes the prim skirt look so cool and not show. Her stuff is really detailed, and I love every piece I own from her store.. simply because her items are always at an affordable price and because the textures on her clothes are always great.
*P.S: The pink scarf is included and the red vest is also one of the latest release!

These cute corsage overalls are also from her latest release and it rocks. Don't forget to check these out too.. I bet you'll end up wasting all your lindens!!! omg I think these are the best i own!! like srsly just look how amazing these lingerie are. They're so cute and also so glamorous (the other colors i mean) I bet after seeing this you'll go and get a fatpack, because I would consider a fatpack if I were looking for something like this. Really awesome. The red one is my fav!

Thanks Trixi for creating amazing stuff, we won't look any better without your items. Ily x

Taxi to Urbanity.

Hmm... I'm speechless baby poo`s. What to say? Well if you look at these hairs without me telling where they're from I'm sure you'll know what I mean. Who creates awesome, amazing, adorable, beautiful, sexy, cute, crazy hairs other than Truth Hawks in SL? And who keeps our lindens dropping every week with his kick ass new releases. Duh! I love love these new hairs from Truth. I actually don't like black hair color in both lives, but jeez! Truth Hawks' hair colors rock.. I don't really like blond or black hairstyles but these!! theseee! ARE SO COOL. I think next time I shop there, I'm going to get a fatpack, let it cost 10k, I don't care. I just love them more than chocolate muffins..

Taxi to Truth.

And last but not least. What do you think? I'll keep you in a shock for some hours, please let me know when you're done...
*2 hours later* Alright. If you were cutting your hair and crying out loud wondering "WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE FROM, I SHOULD FATPACK THESE" Well here's the answer... these gorgeous heels are from N-core and the one I'm wearing is a special edition of the release. Why? Because Nuria and Claire just love us forever and they promised to always make the best stuff in SL. And they did! They made these hawt heels that you'll probably see everyone is SL wearing. You need to tp>demo>fatpack. That's what you should do or else I'm going to kill you..

Taxi to N-core.

****A BIG THANK YOUUU!! TO ALL FOR READING AND FOR THE DESIGNERS FOR CREATING SUCH AMAZING STUFF. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS MY CHERRY ANGELS <3**** (Sowwi for writing in caps, I just thought I'd shout in a nice way to show how much I love these, :P)

Bai <3


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