Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curio new skins x

Gala Phoenix from Curio was really kind to pass me a review copy of her new skins. Cupid 2 is a lovely skin with a very sweet face and soft lips. Cupid 2 is for people who wear dark eyebrows, just like me. Check it out :)

*Please click image to enlarge, I'm a noob*
Isn't it adorable? I really love the lips and cheeks, these skins are perfect for valentines day! Especially the one with a kiss on the cheeks, teehee. I love the skin's mouth corners, they make it all look beautiful. And the eye shadow looks pretty well done and the dark eye shadow in some of the makeups is great and fits the skin's makeup. The eyebrows are beautiful as well.. To be honest my favorite part of this skin are the lips, simply because it looks bright and glossy and I love skins with lips like that.. I would really suggest that you go there and have a look. If you don't need to buy, you could at least try a demo and maybe you'll change your mind! Curio has the best skins in the grid, so everyone can find their favorite skin their!

This is how the body looks like, sexy nah?

And just to let you know.. Luck inc made some new breast enhancers for the curio skins, you might want to try those too if you like your breasts pushed, just like me! =P

Taxi to Curio.

Thanks Gala! <3

Hair by Truth
Lingerie by Urbanity
Heels by Maitreya Gold

Mare x


Anonymous said...

curio's are not my fave skins(yes there are not*best skins on the grid * is just your personal opinion;)) but those are nice:)

Maretch Waffle said...

well yeah I actually meant in my opinion, and for some of the others' :)

Glad you liked them! <3

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Maretch. Curio may not be THE best skins, but they sure are ONE of THE best skins in SL. I have skins from many places, but I always go back to my Curio for a sexy real look. They rock!

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