Friday, February 5, 2010

Reek & Terri.tees!

Hey everybody :) I've be busy a bit these days with my store and making poses for the next 2 releases ;P But I have some time to blog now.. check these out! (((Pardon my pics, i'm still learning how to use the magic wand in photoshop ;P)

The awesome hoodies are from Reek! and they are the latest release. I just LOVE them! You can change the colors with a HUD and there are 2 hood types; down and up. I love the textures and especially the argyle one! These are very comfortable and fun to wear on your free time. You'll need to wear a shirt under them, so you could match your favorites! You should defiantly fatpack these because they're the most awesome hoodies you'll ever find in SL. Did I mention the hair is from Tiny Bird and is made to fit this awesome hoodie!
*Taxi to Reek
*Taxi to Tiny bird

Next are these amazing shirts from Terri.tees. They're 0L$! and they're so cute. I'm loving terri's tees these days! They're fun and I adore the graphics on them.. they're free for a limited time I think, only for valentines day. So make sure you go there are grab them!
*Taxi to Terri.tees

M x

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