Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Saturday Stuff to Grab!

Some people are whining too many bloggers are blogging the same things. To be honest I don't have the time to check every blog to see if something has been featured somewhere else, or even check all the feeds for that matter. I try to be original for the most part, but I'm sure you will see some of this stuff on others. I think the sensible solution is to read only theslfashionista then all my posts will seem as fresh and original as can be. So simple really. Glad to help. Have a great weekend everyone ❤
CUPCAKES - February - Sunkissed - Group Gift (250L to join)
Shag: Women's Group Gift - La La Love Me Hair (I la la love it!)
=HooT=: Into the Depths Eyes from Starlust Hunt
Ivanka Akina fashion store: Valentine gift - Earrings (group gift from What's New SL)
Aleida: Lilly gown -Subscribo Valentines Gift

HoneyBear: Ballet Slippers - Valentine Subscribo Gift
She's So Unusual Shoes: Group Subscribo Gift Black Hearts Fetish Pumps

CUPCAKES - Cute Dress - Zebra (1L in store)
Trubble: Starstruck - 2nd Anniversary gift (free in store)

: Grand Opening Gift ~Kiri Dress (free in store)
AZUL: GroupGift1002#1 bow (join group grab in store -this is a group worth staying in nice items given out all the time).


Maretch Waffle said...

So true.. it's actually impossible that a few bloggers blog something nice.. of course If I like it i'll blog it.. and no one should tell me anything!

I wanted to blog the cupcakes skin and the azul dress btw :P err <3

Gabby McCullough said...

I hate when people whine about this, or accuse others of copying. There are only so many freebies, and even fewer really GOOD freebies, so guess what? Most of the bloggers who feature freebies are going to end up blogging some of the same things. If people don't like it, they can scroll right on by.

I no longer have time to look at other blogs or the feeds. If I find something I like, I am gonna blog it, if I can find the time.
The point of us blogging is to show items from designers we if more than one person blogs it, it is a GOOD thing for that designer.
Bloggers that seem to think they OWN something because they blogged it first make me all stabbity.

Karina Larkham said...

Some things are just too nice not to blog! Not everyone reads every blog so perhaps for some this may be the only place they see it. What I won't blog is neko stuff, goth stuff (for the most part) and fugly free stuff just because it's free. Everyone else can have those lol. /me bows and exits.

Maretch Waffle said...

You're a star Karina :P

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