Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red Packet Hunt!

SL hates me today *sobs* In spite of it all - I got some of the Red Packet Hunt done. Being the first day of this there were the usual holes and no store list so I kind of had to wing it in some parts. Frustrating? yes! - worth it? you betcha! You can start the hunt here. Looking for Red Packets. **Blatant Self Promotion** Didn't know about this hunt? Maybe you should consider joining Happy Hunters group so I can keep you up to date on all the latest! Don't have a group slot? Never fear gentle reader!!! We have Subscribos! Visit our latest at Holli Pocket!

!Ohmai: Lantern Dress
Aurora Shop: slip dress
Modd.G: RPH Tiger Printed Puff Top
ARAI: Asian Shirt red
Tee*fy: Red Packet Leggings
Pig: Logo Polo
Pig: Laughing Kitten Shorts
tomoto: blouse chinoise rouge
Whippet & Bucket: Lesley Playsuit
Happy Finds: Tiger Dancer Necklace
Miseria: Koi Koi - Red/Gold
Mango Mango!: Red Packet Pale
Leafy: Miso Lumiel Golden
$Dustarrz$: Gem Earrings

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