Thursday, February 4, 2010

M2M Mini Hunt

My power was done for a bit tonight - put me off my hunting and gathering schedule. I only had a time for a quick hunt and M2M is currently having a Valentines Mini Hunt. 25 easy breezy to find hearts. Not free - but some cute stuff priced between 1L and 5L. I love the Valentines Pose sets especially. Most are tanks in a variety of colors - but some shoes and fun accessories as well.
Alone on Valentine's Day pad
Wondering about valentine - cushion
Red Nipple Band Aid
Ashiah Silver Bangle
80's-Hudge Retro Earrings
Wonder Woman Panties
Black Satin - Ribbon Hair Band

Flat Red Hibiscus
Red Shine Satin Gingham
Grey Fur Neckchief
wearing with my new fav skin (this week) [ bubble ] Dead Dolls Skin - Free!!

Lots more I'll post this weekend!! ❤

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