Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Things

I downloaded SL2 the other night, so what time I have been online I've been playing with that rather then blogging (sorry!) I'm excited about the new features, but it's taking me 10 times as long to do anything. I feel like a newb all over again. I'm not sure if this time around I'm finding it more frustrating since now I know what I can do, I just can't figure out quite how to do it. I will persevere, but I had to switch back to Emerald for a bit to give my brain a break. Baby steps!
New hair out today:
RezIpsa Loc: Anna ~4pm. Not only my favorite hair from her so far but it's the lucky chair prize so free to boot!
lamb: The Chills - in Twix. I love all things lamb -and those of you that know me well know why! (*winks*)
also - picked up this bolero of my sl dreams from the Nardcotix 50% off sale. Colleen Bolero in Black. Last but not least, this super skin Goldie from Plastic Flowers is only 25L!

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