Sunday, February 28, 2010

Barn dancing

I was pleasantly surprised when I received G Field's latest groupgift through the subscribo. It's this lovely Off-shoulder Chiffon top in green. When someone can make sculpties work in sl, its definitely Cerberus Noel, I really like how the ruffles on this top are made. I rushed over to the store to get me another copy in flower/beige. Thought it would look lovely with a nice jeansskirt (well I still do think so) but then I got told I looked like I was going to a barn dance... Shuttup it's still cute. And very reasonably priced... hush over to G Field nowwww :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skin: Curio - Beach (petal pure)
Hair: - Miley (passionate red)
Top: G Field - Off-shoulder Top (Green and Flower/Beige)
Pants: Mustache - Match Stick Jeans (grey)
Skirt: Armidi - Classic A001 Jean Skirt (faded)
Pumps: Periquita - Retro round shoes (green)
Boots: Kookie - Vintage Armarda Boot

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Slowjoe Short said...

A flippin' gorgeous barn dancer though!

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