Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm super anxious to start all the February hunts, but I had to show off a couple things I managed to pick up in a jiff prior to starting. (So many hunts to choose from - where shall I start?!?)

R2 "Hokulea" Blue - Cupid Heart Hunt Gift. I didn't get to do this whole hunt but I saw R2 was in it so I had to stop and pick up that gift and they never disappoint me. R2 is one of those shops I found ages ago and literally dragged all my friends there and made them buy shoes! I'm thrilled to see they have turned into such a success. Everything there is terrific!

Top is part of the AQUA - Pink Passion gift which comes with super adorable jeans too but when I put them on I couldn't see my new shoes - so I paired with this Fish Mini Silver skirt from So Many Styles that I've had forever (once in awhile I find something in my inventory) - not free.
Hair is one of Posh: Hopo Event Valentine's Day Freebies - Whole pack outside of shop
Skin: Midnight 2 Midnight -Yumi Skin - Cat Eyes2 - Group Gift (this group is sooo generous!)
Dress is from Exclusiva - LooK BooK Dollarbie February (I heart LooK BooKs!!!)

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