Tuesday, February 2, 2010

```Hyper on Fri,days```

Haii!! I arrived finally!! My flight is over and no more scary planes *phew* I.Hate.AirPlanes. I just hate them. Specially when there are mountains below you so the plane keeps on vibrating. Sucks. Oh well I'm back now! I also have good news for you all *^_^* I'm opening my own store soon! Hopefully 2-3 days :D!! I'll be telling you all when I do, so stay tuned. I will also have 2 poses as an open gift :) Currently I just made 1 pose pack with 5 poses because I was busy preparing and the internet's speed there was very limited. Oh well I hope blogging goes back like before, there's lots to catch up with and blog.. but right now I am so tired and need to unpack my bad and go sleep. Have fun everybody!! Here is the store's blog: http://www.pinkpebbleposes.blogspot.com (Still empty teehee)

~ These gorgeous minis are one of the latest release from Hyper Culture which are awesome. I love how the black covers it all from the top, and especially the beautiful prints on it. Hyper Culture is known for its amazing minis. My wifey (aka hyper culture's owner) has become one of the best designers in SL. There are many things to choose from there and you would definitely not pay attention to your lindens dropping on that store ;P You should go down to Hyper Culture right now and check the stuff! You won't regret it <3>

~ These draped shirts are the latest release from Fri.day and I dont even know how to describe how awesome they are. I just loveee how the back of these falls down. I used to own a dress with a draped back IRL some years ago but unfortunately I no longer wear it since it's too tight xD Fri.day has all kind of stuff. Hair, furniture, clothes, shoes, belts, freebies! So it's really worth the visit. I love when there are sales over there. I just grab my wallet and go spend all the money in it. Sometimes, us girls can spoil the world xD

~ These hairs are also from the latest release and they rawk. I love love love love love love fri.day's hairs. Because they're so adorable and none of them look bad on me, and I'm sure on you too! The band in the first hair is color change so it could match your clothes. Really awesome.

Don't forget to check both stores for the awesome stuff!

Niteeeeeee :****


Karina Larkham said...

Mare - where are the shoes from in your Hyper post? I want!!

Maretch Waffle said...

Hey Karina! I'm not sure which pic you mean but i'll say both :D

1- Maitreya
2- Pornstar ;)

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