Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Hunting I Will Go....

I had to laugh this morning when I got a notecard from the owner of Nushru saying she had signed up for all the grid wide hunts not realizing they were running simultaneously. Sooo she's got 7 different hunts going on in her little shop right now! Therefore it's pretty easy to find some great stuff. I have a bunch of "Disney-inspired" outfits in my inventory already so I was thrilled to find the Snow White (which I was lacking) it includes the dress, shoes and hair accessory. One of the other hunt finds is the Cheshire dress with two skirt options. Not to mention she has the super cute Crystal Nymph shoes as a group gift in the Subscribo. So: 7 grid-wide hunt gifts; Vendor Appreciation gift; Subscribo gift and she's having a mini-hunt of her own. Phew! Grab it all here at Nushru.

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