Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hair Fair indulgence

OMG Hair Fair is great! /me faints. I'm really loving it!

I was a bit torn because Nena Janus from League decided to launch her new skinline just before the Hair Fair opened, and as the addict I am I HAD to have the Misty Line. Not just one skin, nuuuu, me needs the whole fatpack. I'm wearing Apricot Glow in this post, absolutely loving it. I have never felt so pretty in SL before, not even when I'm bald at the hair fair. :)

As a result I wasn't able to spend as much on the hair fair as I intended, but still... I indulged :) Here are a few of the hairstyles I bought:

Truth - Matilda - cherry, Truth - Twiggy - cherry, Truth - Romy - cherry

Maitreya - Bo - Red, Maitreya - Moon - Red, Fascino - Licio - Hazelberry

Offcourse I picked up freebies as well! That's one of the great things about fair as well :) Here are the best of what I gathered imo:

Ingenue - Torch Song Updo - Red, Diversity - Delilah - Ginger Red, Bryce Designs - Holmes - Pink

Curio - Vamp Blue, PE Girl - Jessica Dark Ash, Head Mistress - Hair Fair Gift

I intend to go back later this week when things have calmed down to check some more (read: buy, buy, buy!). As expected the hair fair is extremely laggy and hard to get into. But from what I've seen so far its well worth every lag!

Buh bye :)

Kus Nere

Links at the Hair Fair:
Bryce Designs
Head Mistress

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