Tuesday, June 23, 2009

League skins!

You've heard me mentioning it before, I am so excited about the new skin release from League. Whenever I get a notice from Nena Janus about a new release I fly over there asap to check it out. Imagine my cries of joy when I found out she had put herself to creating skins. I ended up loving the skins so much I even used the money I saved for the hair fair, since she released the skin just a day before the opening of the hair fair. Smart move!

There are two skins, Kate and Misty. Both come in three skintones; Deeptan, Suntan and Medium. I bought Misty in Medium. She's actually a little too tanned for me, since I'm a redhead and usually wear rather pale skins. But the luscious facial features and soft lips where just too irresistible. And I haven't had any regrets!

Misty's fatpack has 12 make ups too choose from. The make ups are very subtle and natural, not too over the top as you see a lot on other skinlines. Shown below are four of the make ups available:

Natural, Fuschia, Deep Smoke, Greenglade

Miss Janus also thought of one very clever thing. Every single skin comes in no less than four options. You get a bald and a hair version, but the best thing is you get a free push up effect too! See this picture, the top image is the normal version and the lower image is the boobs pushed together. This certainly looks great on some types of clothing.

Last but not least, miss Janus didn't only paint the face and breasts with so much detail, the body of the skin is equally pretty! Allover the body you can see subtle shading and a few cute little moles! Also the collarbones and bellybutton are my idea of perfection. I love the attention to details she has put to these skins.

My advice is to make sure you hop over to the new skinstore from League and check out these skins, they are a fantastic addition to SL 's best skins.

Kus Nere

Taxi to League skinstore!

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