Monday, June 22, 2009

DZ animations

I have to tell you all about this little store I found that sells great animations and poses for just a little amount of money. Most items are between 4 to 40 l and all are very nice. I was so surprised to find this good quality for so little money. There are also a few AO's you can get for only 300l. But the best item I think is this hud in the next picture:

I bought a pack of animations and found this hud in the folder. You wear it and by using the next and previous buttons you get to see all the poses one by one on your avi, without having to doubleclick the animation, play in world and close again. I modded it a little and found out that I could put every pose I have in there. This saves me such a lot of time with taking pictures!

Here's the taxi!

Kus Nere

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