Thursday, June 11, 2009

Glance Skins

I'm a passionate skin lover and whenever I hear there is a free skin of good quality somewhere I run off to grab it. There is a hunt going on at Fashionista Sim called the perfect image hunt. You have to look for little handmirrors and shown above is the prize Glance is offering here. It contains two skins, the left is called Denise and the right Adriana.

Adriana is a little bit more pale then Denise and has a more natural look as well. Both skins are very nicely detailed and have good facial features. The eyebrows look very real which in my opinion is hard to find. A very nice touch is the lighting on the collarbones, I thinks thats very nicely done.

The hair I'm wearing is a groupgift from Beauty Avatar, called Dani in the color chestnut. You can find it in the group notices. Its a sleek style with a long ponytail at the back which you can't tell from this picture. I really like this style, but sadly it can't be modified and is a little too small for my -apparantly- huge head. But try your luck and see if it does fit you.

The hair is mod! You just have to touch it to get a menu... Yay fits me perfectly now. Thanks Karina :)

Kus, Nere

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