Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Happy Days!

..::A.Y.Y::.. (makes me think Fonzie thoughts Ayyyyyy *finger gun - wink*) is a shop I have been to in the past on hunts but I never paid it too much attention. I heard they were having a sale and went not realizing I had been there before (hmmm this looks familiar - aha!). They have quite a few outfits currently marked to only 10L. They are all kind of mixed in and various colors it seems of each item, so you have to drag your mouse over each to find the deals. I found several I really liked alot. Especially the Retromatic Dress. I actually like this dress so much I think I may wear it more then once. Of course my big find (and new sl treasure) is my 1L Ring Pop. They may have to pry it off my cold dead hand! Not sure how long this sale lasts but you can find it all here at A.Y.Y.

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