Friday, October 25, 2013


What shall i buy for Soraya for Sinterklaas (our national childrens feast! Also celebrated by grown-ups) or for Christmas time? The month of December is full of feast with presents. You can better do your shopping now because the shops or in November and December so crowded. But..but.. what to buy for her. She has already everything. At least that is my opinion. And what do you give someone who already has all. Nic is running around in the BSD shop. Shall i buy those pumps from the cart from the back to school and looking cool sale ( at the entrance of the shop)? Nic runs up and down in the shop. Watches all the nice bags. Then she relaxes for awhile amidst all the boxes. There must be better way to find something for Soraya.

I will inform her and you about this new made creation in sl. The free wishlist hud ( available in the BSD shop too). A wishlist is like a gift registry and allows you to make a list of items from many stores that you had like to receive for a special occasion. You simply click and record on your web site under your name and everyone can search for it!

Wishlist: BSD and other shops - wislist ( free)
Shoes: BSD at SL fashion week - {{BSD Design studio}}Stiletto love-raw1
Dress: B!asta at Pure sales room - [ B! ] :SLYTHERIZED: Pencil dress . Black/Red ( 70ld)
Ring: Whatever - [whatever] WHATEVER ring ~boxed~ [GIFT] ( free)
When the SL Fashion Week is not open yet you land at the whatever  shop. This ring you can get there for free. For the SL fashion week try later again.

Bye bye, Nic

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