Wednesday, October 23, 2013

friends don't let friends drink bad coffee

Dark and light orange clothes from two different hunts. The dark orange clothes are from the hunt at Paisley Daisy. The black lace ruffle mini skirt is so cute. I combined it with the cowweb lace top. The sexy siena embroidered dress i combined with the cowweb neck corset for a halloween look. The back of the dress is beautiful. Nic shows the backside of her new Catwa hair.
The light orange clothes are from the hunt at PurpleMoon Creations. Wear the grouptag and search for black skulls. You can find 16 presents.
In the PurpleMoon shop is a new halloween groupgift, a gown.

Kaelyn Alecto changed her beautiful sim. Reopened october 21 2013. That is were i made the pictures in the coffee shop.

Dark orange and black clothes - from the Pumpkin Hunt at Paisley Daisy ( each pumkin 20ld)
Light orange clothes: from the Halloween Hunt at PurpleMoon Creations ( free/ but group join fee)
Pictures made at: It all starts with a smile.

Bye bye, Nic

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