Tuesday, October 1, 2013

gO! for those chocolates

Be my guest and enjoy my chocolates. I got this jar with chocolates from BabyChampagne Sass. I forgot the reason that she gave it. If i remember well it is because of a chocolat event in sl. She isn't online, so i can't ask her, but i promiss to add the info later. I am a chocolate addict so this is mmmmmmmmmm. And here is the info: it is because of the Candy fair. Open: October 4th- october 18th.-Theme-
Anything featuring Candy, (candy Colors) (example: clothes, jewelry, skins (makeups count too), furniture, home & decor, poses, kids items, anything with candy or featuring candy. Look here for more info. A huge list of participating designers.Nic wear the new groupgift from !gO!. A dress in nice colors and very well made. Good details. The dress is out in the shop in more colors. And i saw a cute male outfit new in the !gO! shop. One of those outfits for half prize. You see another color of the  leg warmers that i showed before from Monso. And i love Nic's new hair from Chemistry. Yesterday i showed it already on this blog.

Dress: !gO! - !gO! Meg dress ( free/but groupjoin fee)
From inventory: Hair - Chemistry, shoes - BSD, leg warmer - Monso

Below  a dress from B!asta. Halloween- themed corset mini dress. That time is coming.It is the hunt gift for the "Top Designers of Second Life" Halloween Hunt!(Free hunt gift / 0 L$ / Hunt goes from Oct 1st to Nov 5th). On the pictures Nic wears the long version from the Chemistry hair. Both are in the box when you buy the hud. ( see post before this one for the link)

Credits: B!asta - [ B! ] :SWEET SPIDER GIRL: Cobweb dress ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Chemistry; boots - ISON, necklace - Pure Poison ( GG); stockings Twosome
Bye bye, Nic

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