Friday, October 11, 2013

a funny guy

Meet this funny guy. His name is Ukyo. He said to me: " you long time didn't do male posts". "Well" i said, "tjip is just waiting near a lucky board for a male set". Ukyo joined tjip. They were sitting under the lucky board long time. Ukyo got the striped pants from the other lucky board and the pig nose and ears he found nearby. Tjip wears a sweater from Ydea, a groupgift. (You also get pants).Ukyo's hoodie i showed before on this blog. Tjips shoes are from the midnight mania at  8 Designe. You now get  these shoes and... an outfit. We need 68 to click today. For a free male shape from the same shop go here The shape is in a midnight mania.
Below a free jacket from Pekas.
And then tjip was the lucky winner of the male set at Sheep Door. It was worthwhile waiting for it.

Tjip wears the set with his own tie and shirt from inventory. You get this set with a blue shirt and yellow tie.
Ukyo wears:
Striped pants: Sheep Door - [Sheep Door] Shimashima pants ( free)
Pig nose and ears: Sheep door - [Sheep Door] - Its joke!!! [Sheep Door] ( free)
Tjip wears:
Sweater: Ydea - Ydea Damian gift ( free)
Shoes: 8 Designe - + 8 fashion + MESH Urban Men's Boots BLACK ( free)
Jacket: Pekas - PeKaS Urban Richmond ( free)
Grey pants and red jacket: Sheep Door - [Sheep Door] Lupin III Jaket & pants for LB ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Dura ( Boys&Girls 44); Tie - DCNY

Bye bye, Nic

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