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The Durmstrang Institute is a Wizarding school. It is located in the northernmost regions of Norway or Sweden. Durmstrang has, however, taught students from as far afield as Bulgaria. Durmstrang was one of the three schools that competed in the Triwizard Tournament in the 1994- 1995 school year. It is an old school, having existed since at least 1294. The students at the school wear fur cloaks, fur hats, and blood-red robes. Durmstrang, like other schools, likes to conceal its whereabouts so the other schools cannot steal their secrets. Their arrival by ship implies that Durmstrang is somewhere at the seaside or by some river or major lake.

Nic is going by train.. so not to Durmstrang but to Hogwarts.
However she wears the new release from Orange*Pekoe: the Durmstrang unofficial outfit. You get the leather dress, leather bolero, the fur cape, boots and the red sweater and tights. Nic took her fur hat from LeLutka out of her inventory for the occassion and her fur bag from Yorim's.
She shows you the dress with and without the fur cape so you can see the leather bolero. I like the good leather texture of this outfit. Well-done iioko.

Durmstrang outfit: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - Durmstrang unofficial outfit - brown
From inventory: Bag - Yorim's ; satchel - tulip, hair- Maitreya ( Jordyn) fur hat - Le Lutka;  deer ring -Sweet Leonard; necklace - Axix ( free/see the Tirol post)

Bye bye, Nic

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