Friday, October 18, 2013

Bitacora Travel Fair

Nic's hobby in sl is exploring nice surroundings. A travel fair is therefore a fair she had to visit. And she wasn't disappointed because the surroundings were good for picture making. There are 5 sim parts : Oceania, Asia, Europe, America and Africa. All made in style.
The fair runs from 17 till 31 october 2013. I made my pictures  in Africa because of Nic's top. The top is from OrsiniRed and has the nice name: Roar of Africa.This top, a mesh panty, bangles, the necklace, a headband and a panda eyemake-up are all in this exclusive for the fair. I like how the top gives you a sexy look. I combined it with my jeans from Nic's inventory and the Uggs from Unique clothings, a groupgift. The bag is a dollarbie that you can find in the Oceania part of the sim.
The cute orange hat is from Xen's hats. Ofcourse you can get other colors in the shop.

Orange top: OrsiniRed - part of OrsiniRed Roar Of Africa Mesh Outfit Tribal Orange (BTF Exclusive)
Bag: J&A - BTF - J&A Bag - Gift ( 1ld)
Boots: Unique Clothing - Unique Clothing-UC Uggstyle Boots- ( free)
Hat: Xen's hats - Jones (Safety Pin Fedora )
Pose last pictures: Rack Poses - RACK Poses - Ringleader Dollarbie ( 1ld)
From inventory: Hair - D!va (at C88)
Pictures made at : Bitacora Travel Fair 
The details below:

Bye  bye Nic

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