Wednesday, October 16, 2013

friends in autumn coats

Aren't we sweet in our  new coats. Burberry style and a sort of pied de poule and camel.The Coat from Ingo is from Redgrave. Nic wears a Burberry trenchcoat a classic one. Soraya wears a sportiv Burberry jacket and her sister Selena a sort of pied de poule coat.
The tweed coat from Ingo you get with a colormenu with 3 colors.
The scarf from Soraya is from a hunt at Dew. In the Dew shop is also a nice blue coat as groupgift.
Nic wears D!va Hair from the collabor 88. The hair comes also with a tail attachment ..very cute. And two front options.
The poses are from Purple Poses.

Ingo wears:
Tweed coat: Redgrave - Mesh Tweed Coat - REDGRAVE ( 120ld)

Soraya wears:
Burbery jacket: AdN - [ AdN] Crusher beige plaid ( 99ld)
From inventory: Hair: D!va - (Asami)
Scarf:  Dew -  "DEW" Hunt Gift #6 floral scarf ( free)
From inventory: Boots- Elikatira

Selena wears:
Pied de poule idea Coat: Paradise kiss - [Paradise Kiss} Odri  Overcoat white ( 50ld)
Boots: Alanis Ryba MIA -Durango Boot black - (89ld)

Nic wears:
Burberry trenchcoat: Eternity - ..::Eternity::.. Trench coat came ( 99ld)
Burberry Bag: Pelletteria Morrisey - Pelletteria Morrisey - Burberrys bag
Hair: D!va at Collabor88 - ""D!va"" Hair "Ana" (Black amber)
From inventory: Boots - !Duh!, Ring - Kosh
Pictures made at: Black art - Cho no Chashitsu Onsen

Bye bye, Nic

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