Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I think no danger.Nic is in a camo shirt. The new groupgift from Paradisis. There also is a pink version with mini shorts.( see below) It is called: Music girl budget outfit. It includes: Rigged mesh tank top in pink and black, wool and fishnet textured in pink.
- Assorted to top rigged mesh armwarmers belted on the top in pink.
- Rigged mesh mini shorts in black.
- Sculpted pink headphones with resizer .
- Regular clothing ripped , fishnet and wool, stockings.
All for 59ld.
The camo groupgift includes: the camo tanktop, armwarmers and war marks make-up.

Nic doesn't wear the mini shorts but the leather skirt from Beetle Bones. Her leggings from Monso and free boots from Coco Design ( old groupgift)

Camo shirt: Paradisis - PARADISIS september 2013 group gift ( free/ 50ld group join)
Music girl: Paradisis - PARADISIS Music Girl (budget outfit) (59ld)
Pictures made at The Celestial Realm
Bye bye, Nic

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