Thursday, October 31, 2013

they are coming to take me away.........

Yeah it is me, Nic. It was a bloody night as you can see. But i survived... grins. But the brothers from the Asylum said they are coming to take me away. See the bed behind  me and the altar the graveyard and the Gargoyle statue? It is all in this skybox.
On monday Dancer told me about this gift and i immediately went over and got it. Now i discover it was out just that day. But no worries. There are some realy good skyboxes from the same designer out as a groupgift. He has an area with all sorts of groupgifts also jewelry, skins and clothes. Realy worthwhile looking around and pick up nice stuff for males and females.

For the photoshoot Nic went to NV Madworld. Got this bloody dress and the super cool bloody tattoo layer. You need not be a groupmember to get the gift. I like it when Nic grins... see the blood and missing tooth. Insane! Dancer told me that many designers will remove their halloween presents after this day. So she told me that i better could warn my readers. Go as fast as possible to pick up the nice halloween stuf. I think she is right.

The necklace is a special that you can build very easy by yourself. I used the necklace that is in the packet from [NV] the cross necklace. But i attached two tiny skulls. Same i did with a ring. I attached a tiny skull to the ring that i weared yesterday. The skull you can get at marketplace. You can change the skull..make it very small. Then do attach to at the same place as where you wear the ring ( or necklace). Not shown here... but i also changed shoes for my upcoming halloween party.

Skyboxes: Yasum Design - all sorts of skyboxes and more groupgifts ( free)
Dress, hair and  blood tattoo and cross necklace: [NV] - [NV] Carrie Outfit Gift Halloween ( free)
Skull: ! Demonia ! - !Demonia ! Bloody face ( free)
When the link to marketplace doesn't work.. first sign in with your account on marketplace.. then the link works!

Bye bye wish you a nice Halloween today, Nic
I can't see blood anymore!!!!

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