Monday, October 28, 2013


Nic is wandering through the mountains of Tirol. There is already snow on this height. The water is fresh and clear. She needed may be other boots but she wanted wear her new ones. The boots are in  the box in more colors. The shirt is comfly. Walking makes warm. Backpack with food and drinks and all is available for a good day.
The necklace is from a Halloween hunt from Axix. Search the pumpkin high between the halloween lights. Thanks Soraya for finding the boots and shirt.

Necklace: :: Axix ::  - :: Axix :: Halloween Necklace ( free)
Boots: Obeygirl6 - ~Fashion Kit~ Autumn rigged mesh boots set ( 10ld)
Shirt: ::PCF:: - Project Chrystal's Fashion collection color/green ( 5ld)
From inventory: Backpack - pesca ( old Arcade gatcha item); pants - Overhigh

Bye bye, Nic

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