Tuesday, May 28, 2013

tropical yellow, green and peach from OrsiniRed

The yellow long dress you can find on the Garage designers fair 2013  for just 10ld in a box on a square near the OrisniRed shop. In the OrisiniRed shop you can find the green dress for just 1ld. The hat on the   first two pictures is from the groupgift at Innuendo. In the groupgift is also a very sweet long dress. Because i saw that dress already on blogs i took this yellow long dress. But i can highly recommend that dress from Innuendo too. So go for the hat, the bag and the dress there.
The green hat is the hunt gift from NSP at the Zuri Jewelry Shopping District. The hat comes with the hair. I recolored the hair from the hat and i made the hat a bit more yellowgreen to fit with the green of the dress.  From the green dress i like the backpart with the ribbon.
Nic wears her slink bare feet.

In the warm foggy evening Nic wears a short top and mini skirt from OrsiniRed. This set is not free.

Yellow dress: OrsiniRed - OrsiniRed Mesh Dress Hindu Tear Lima ( 10ld)
Green dress: OrsiniRed - OrsiniRed Mesh Dress Oh My Love Green (1ld)
Top and skirt: OrsiniRed - OrsiniRed Mesh Skirt & Top Sole Mio Peach/ Lima
Hat and bag: Innuendo - part from *INNUENDO GROUP GIFT * FEMALE ( free)
Green Hat: NSP - Zuri's Invictus Estates Grand Opening Hunt Item ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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