Wednesday, May 29, 2013

fitness on the beach

Time for doing a bit fitness again. Doing this on the beach is super. It gives a kick. Nic  wears her new iconic beauty bangle from BSD Design studio. The top is from Pixel&prim. I showed already before on this blog the top in black from the cat hunt. This striped top comes with red home pants.
New is also the hair , the new groupgift at EMO-tions. The necklace is from my inventory from Sweet Leonard. There are so many colors in the colormenyu. So you can make it fit with all sorts of clothings.

Just got a notecard from Mandala, that good japanese jewelry shop at the Tempura sim. I love that sim and now i read that "TEMPURA ISLAND sim, the home of the owner of mandala, celebrated its fifth anniversary on May 25th.
Congrats Tempura!!!!!
Now kikunosuke Eel prepared special jewelry that perfectly matches for the memorable fifth anniversary of TEMPURA ISLAND. Have a look in the shop or on marketplace.
The jewelry has the name TefuTefu.
TefuTefu means a butterfly in old Japanese language.
In the world of Buddhism, it is said that butterflies have a power to flit over this life and go to the next world, and a symbol of metempsychosis that has a meaning to change oneself newer and more beautiful (stronger).
I created this being inspired by the beauty of the color that represents TEMPURA ISLAND.
That was made of a lot of jewelry aligned in good balance as the pattern of butterfly wings.
That is gorgeous jewelry that is suitable for clothing for a special day/
There are 6 colors.  The color of the metal part and the leather on the back can be changed through HUD. Have a look.

Bangle: BSD - {{BSD Design Studio}} Iconic beauty bangle
Top: Prim&Pixel - P&P MESH Lounge Wear - GIFT ( free)
Hair: EMO-tions - .:EMO-tions.. *Kira* -black/groupgift . (free)
From inventory: Bare-feet- Slink; Pants- chronokit

Bye bye, Nic

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