Monday, May 27, 2013

Sakura dress

This dress follows the curves of your body. It makes you look very feminine. The necklace  accentuate the beautiful back. The neck is part of the total jewelry set that Nic wears.  The haircomb she shows you on some of the pictures. Just to inform you that you all can find at the shopping district from Zuri Jewelry. The jewelry is on the board near the entrance of the main shop. The crown is in the shop. The dress is the openings gift from Sacha's design for the mall. The shoes are the groupgift from this month from NC paris.
Taxi to the shopping district.

Dress: Sacha's Designs - SAS - Rachel Blue (Openings Gift Zuri) ( free)
Jewelry: Zuri - **Zuri Rayna~Sultry Soul Labradorite Pearls Elite Collection ( free)
Crown: Zuri -  Zuri Rayna~ Vintage Pearl Hair Comb Blue~Gift ( free)
Pumps: NCParis - NCparis PUMPS Mesh Pink ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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