Friday, May 17, 2013

in time

This time i was in time for the new round from The Euphoria limited sale. So many times i came too late and the things i wanted were already gone. I hoped to see nice items this time but was a bit disappointed. Ofcourse  there were special designs, many headpieces. But i wasn't looking for headpieces. Then i saw this dress from E - Clipse and knew this is the one. I love the sides of this dress. The left side is open and isa bit curled. The right has another special form. The hands on the silky texture comes back in the cute clutch that is included. The colors are beautiful. So i send out this post as fast as possible so that you can go to grab this dress.
And what about these hands on the blog from Chaos ?  >>> click here  ( click his pictures for a better view ) Cute isn't it.

Credits: E-Clipse at Euphoria limited sale - E-Clipse Gallery

Bye bye, Nic

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