Thursday, May 9, 2013

men only?

Sorry female readers.There is such a good hunt for men going on. But may be you can also use these gifts. Tjips has to show some nice findings. It is the Men Only Hunt 3. Thanks to Chaos who did the whole hunt and dragged me around the grid to grab the things. Tjip shows you a streetwear combi that i made from what we found. The black pants are in the Gabriel gift that i showed you the post before this one. The belt is also included. Chaos and me agreed about the hoodie and the chucks. We like both gifts. The hoodie is from (red)Sand. The chucks are from Razor. The very tiny guitar you find at Razor on the backside of a vendor board from new mesh boots.
I recolored a groupgift scarf for males in black and white from Elysium to match with the chucks. The surroundings in Tochigi Japan Cybercity have the same blue color. Love it.

Chucks: Razor - Razor /// M . O . H - Razor/// ( free)
Hoodie: (red)sand - (red)sand hunt gift ( free)
Scarf: Elysium - Elysium - collo scarf - print *GIFT* ( free)
Pants and belt: Gabriël - ( see post before this post)(free)

Bye bye, Nic  and thanks Chaosfear!

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