Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"NNN" Nur's Nudes at Nitroglobus Gallery

On the first pictire you see Dido Haas and Nitro her sl friend. Nitro has a gallery and Dido is the manager. Nic was yesterday guest at an opening of a photo exposition from Nur Moo. Nur Moo you see on the second picture. The walls of the gallery were covered by her huge photo's of nudes. Impressive. I took parts of those photo's to give you an impression. See below. But go there to look around. Taxi to the Nitroglobus Gallery.The exposition will be there in the month may and june. Nur Moo is a digital artist. In 2009 she was  said to be one of the 100 digital artists the most interesting of the web. You can follow Nur Moo on flickr and facebook and she has a blog.

The opening was amazing. I watched all the funny or beautiful avatars and made some pictures of them. See below. Dress code was bare feet on the water.

Last picture is from Nic. She looks a bit sad but that is because of the rose. She enjoyed her time there very much. Musik from DJ Lex was very good.
If  you are interested in the clothes from the avatars, then i can ask for you. Just write me inworld.Clothes from Nur Moo and Dido Haas are on their blogs.

Bye bye, Nic

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