Friday, May 31, 2013

foggy morning in the streets of London

It is crowded in the morning in London. Nic makes a tour in a tourist buggy. And hey those guys on the crossing. Doesn't they remind you of something?....yes Abbey Road. The cover of the Beatles album from long ago. This Britain post i made because Dancer tipped me about the britain pumps. She said may be you can make a britain  post with it. And here you are Dancer. Hope you like Nic in the combination i made with it.
The baggy pants from Pumpkin are awesome. So good quality. See the structure of the texture. Super. When i saw that pants i thought..yes Dancer gets her post. On marketplace i found the shopper with the flag . Things i like have more not expensive bags. One red / black for 1ld. Have a look at the page. Yesterday when i picked up the sweet dress at nMn i spotted the top. And ready was the british look. And for fun one picture with a bowler hat.

Bag: Things I Like -I Like - British TOTE Bag ( 25ld)
Bowler: Clairechen Hesten - Sculpted Bowler Hat Kit full perm ( 1ld)
Top: nMn - nMn Designs - Courtney UK
Pumps: DGD - BOX Desli Glam Design - KEEP CALM by DGD ( free)
Pants: [Pumpkin] - [Pumpkin]Baggy jeans (beige)

Bye bye, Nic

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