Friday, May 10, 2013

girlish skin(ny) love and marguerittes

Nic as cutie.. The skin is the may groupgift at Poudre. A sunburned one. There also is a more pale skin ( Amina)  as promo at marketplace at the moment for 99ld. Have a look.
I got this top and skirt for a bloggers review from PB. I already knew this shop, because long time ago i took the sportswear there. They have a nice system in the shop, you can pay what you want or can take stuff for free. They have outfits, shoes and skins ( not free)
This top and skirt are a bit stiff looking, but with my denim pants wearing it like a tunique i like it very much. I styled it casual but you also can take textures to look dressy.The set comes with a hud with many many options for colors and other texture. Because i just got my margueritte earrings and broche with the dress from AlaFolie ( see post before this one) i took ofcourse a margueritte texture. And i am still very glad with my boots in blue. See an earlier post. They are nice with pants as you can see.
And i have to add this. Soraya asked me to help her find something free and elegant. This dress is from the subscribe-o-matic from Liv-Glam. You click it and get a hud. Wear the hud and then you can choose in a menu several pieces. You can combine it to make elegant fashion. The skin is free at Yoon. They always have beautiful groupgift skins for free.
The hair is in a NEW version of a bubble ball at the beach at Analog Dog. There are more new hairs in it, but i looooove this one.
Nice jacket with jewel and a black shirt from the Liv-Glam hud.

Top and skirt: PB - PB >> Citadine ( free)
Skin: Poudre --POUDRE- [Demy] - MT - Group Gift May -( free)
Boots: Tabloid - Tabloid . REBOUND boots . Indigo (Limited Bazar)
Hair: Analog Dog - Analog Dog free ball ( snapshot Marsala) ( free)
Skin: Yoon - [ YOON BEAUTY ] :: Amelia :: ( free)
Dress: Liv-Glam- [LIV-Glam]*WINTER-2012*-THE COLLECTION( free)

From inventory: Jeans- chronokit.

Bye bye, Nic

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