Friday, May 3, 2013

a morning with Porcorosso

Porcorosso my Japanese friend and videomaker invited me to his new home. He prepared red wine for me on his terrace. Then he showed Nic his new home and his studio.He wanted make pictures of Nic, but she was too shy. We went to R2 city. A place created by a friend of Porco. And because Porco was looking so fabulous Nic took some pictures there of him.
Later on Nic went back to his studio to make pictures of the sheer dresses from Paisley Daisy. Two groupgifts of this month. And when you see the dresses you can imagine why Nic was shy to pose in front of Porco isn't it?

But they are lovely..and you can wear ofcourse something under it. Also beautiful in my opinion.

Porcorosso wears:
Cardigan with shirt: Pumpkin - [Pumpkin] The cardigan white
Jeans: Aoharu - Aoharu Jeans
Sneakers: J's or JP design ( i will ask him when he is again online)
Hair: Uwst. - Uwst. Anku hair

Nic wears:
Gown: Paisley Daisy - group gift may -Joeys mesh Sheer Venetian gown ( free)
Dress: Paisley Daisy - group gift may -Joeys mesh Sheer Venetian Summer Shorty ( free)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio }}Fierce Model

Bye bye, Nic

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