Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Body guards

Body guards doing there job. On the first pictures Tjip wears a suit from the TRPH at CHG Fashion. It is the clyde suit with accessories : a revolver, shoes and  a fedora hat( not shown). Go upstairs in the shop. Second floor near a comfortable chair you can find the hunt object. On the other clothes Nic wears a vest from Sey. The vest comes with this long tee and there are more options.  From the Dot-be  TRPH item Tjip wars the black pants with stripes. There also is a black t-shirt in the packet. At Dot-be you find the hunt object under a statue in the middle of the shop.

Suit and accessories: CHG - TRPH4 #06 CHG Fashion MAN ( 5ld)
Pants : Dot-be - part of outfit TRPH4 #23 Dot-Be-Fashion ( 5ld)
Vest: Sey - :SEY Gilet(vest)+T-shirt [checkered] (Mesh)
From inventory: White shoes- Gabriel.
They searched for this lady. She robbed the cash register. The security camera has caught her. She redressed to look innocent to escape. She jumped down.

On Nic:
Outfit - CHG - TRPH4 #06 CHG Fashion WOMAN ( 5ld)
Dress: Elysium - Elysium - TRPH dress (Female)
Nic's last dress is in a packet with also male underwear. ( sexy)

May be a bit childish this story. But when you get  Bonny and Clyde outfits, it speaks to your imagination.

Bye bye, Nic

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