Saturday, December 31, 2016

TheSLFashionista is wishing you .... a Happy New Year

The last post of this year. My tradition is to say thanks to all my readers with a glass of champagne in Nic's hand. She says cheers on the New Year with all the best wishes to you.
I hope you enjoyed what Nic presented to you as much as i do. I hope i surprised you nearly every day with an unexpected scene with good pictures.
Thanks also to Laura Azalee and Dancer Nitely who always are helping me with tips. Thanks to Nadja33 and Pepa Cometa ( mariajo60). Nadja for spoiling me with presents and Pepa Cometa (mariajo60) for her photography tips.
Thanks to all the sim owners with beautiful sims, who are open for all. They made a great job with landscaping and decorating. A joy for photographers and all.
New this year are some new sponsors. Una&Mushilu  and Mesh India acccepted me in their bloggers group. And from a huge group of sponsors i get items, because i was invited to join the "We Love to Blog Group". More than 100 designers send in that group their items for bloggers.
New is also that i more and more combine fashion with decoration. Tjip had lesser work to do this year. But whenever i see a good free male item i sure will let him show it to you.
Free items are still the core business of this blog combined with other affordable items.  Below you can read the list of all my sponsors.

Nic  seems to lay exhausted after a year of blogging on her sofa. But in style a movie star. She is wearing a festive dress. This one is from WICKED for InspirationSL ( till januari 8). Theme Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.  You get a full outfit: dress, gloves, jewelry and shoes. Nic isn't wearing shoes from the full outfit. She is wearing a new dollarbie from Java Shoes. You can find it outside the shop. It comes with a hud  for more colors. The hair is the Fifty Linden Friday item from Elikatira. Comes with a color hud. Still there this day. I checked it

Full outfit: Wicked at InspirationSL - WICKED * Isabel - Full Outfit (NEW)
Shoes: JAVA Fashion Designs - JAVA SHOES JEAN WORLD W/COLOR HUD (1ld)
Hair: Elikatira - [e] poppy  - Exclusives (FLF/50ld)
Chair: NOMAD - NOMAD// Gustavian Chaise Lounge (gacha)
Pictures made at:  InspirationSL
Bye bye, Nic till next year ;)

Thanks to my sponsors: All the sponsors from "We Love to Blog", Una&Mushilu, H@s, Basta!/La Gazza Ladra, chronokit, ::K::, Silvery K, FA Creations, Shey, !gO!, *ZD*, Wicked, monaLISA, Paisley Daisy, Rowena's Designs, Blue Velvet store, Karla Boutique, Barbarella Portland ( Paris Fashion and TGA Designer), Xen's Hats
For decor items: unKindness/ 7mad;Ravens, Pixel Mode, Mesh India

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