Tuesday, December 6, 2016

listening....i wanne hear ALL about you

Listening in love with all attention to what moves you in life. Your ups and downs. The silly and funny details. That's the way to know you. That's the way we feel a strong bond.
They went for the sleigh ride as proposed in the post before this one. And it was romantic. I think they didn't see the surroundings at all. Totally  absorbed in each other.
Both wear a groupgift from Prey. Nic the blue padded jacket. Tjip the bodywarmer. I found out that tjip could wear a sweater with shirt from American Bazaar ( an old gift)  under the bodywarmer. He is still wearing the pants from Prism from the POEHunt. And he is wearing shoes from Hoorenbeek from the Kitty Cats calendar. Made them a bit darker to match the outfit.

LM's i add later. Many sims were invalid at the moment.

Nic is wearing:
Jacket: Prey -PREY - Ladies Padded Jacket - Blue (free/gg)
Pants: *ZD* - *ZD* Liv Jeans Black
Hair: BesomxReign - BESOMxREIGN~Nordic Bombers*Natural Ombres*

Tjip is wearing:
Body warmer: Prey - PREY - Men's Vest
Pants: Prism  POE hunt - Prism #006: Prism Designs for Men (free)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek for Kitty Cats - [ hoorenbeek] Kitty Cats gift ( free)
From inventory: Hair- Ink

Decor:sledge - Floorplan and Consignment - Floorplan and Con. Sleigh bed/plaid
Pictures made at: The Enchanted Isle
Bye bye, Nic

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