Tuesday, December 20, 2016

after the ice skating

In the kitchen with Santa's Hot coffee from Hudson. Looking for the best place to hang her new snow birds chandelier. I think over here above the kitchen table.
Nic is wearing a knitted dress from Hudson at the second and third picture, it's the december groupgift. Comes with the hat with fur and the coffee. Under the dress pumps from Slipper Originals, a groupgift ( 3 colors).
Nic is also wearing another set from Hudson, the sweater and jeans. The jeans is an applier. Always good to have applier jeans or pants for under longs sweaters, coats and with snowboots. The sweater has a color hud. The snowboots you can grab at Winter Ice Festival. You  can get them for free in pink, blue and black ( resizable) . The free skates are also from there. Nic's hair is the exclusive from !IT! at The Winter Hollow. A shopping event inspired by the darkness of winter( dec 16 - jan 3) Exclusive at every shop with 25% off discounts. The chandelier with snow birds is a new release from unKindness for The Liaison Collaborative. The wing chair i showed before in the post befor this one. The cute gnome is the package of the items from the Elf hunt at Hudson. The kitchen table is from the calender at Sway's from this year. bread on the table from dust bunny. The doggie in pijama is from JIAn, a wonky weeny from the gacha

Hair: !IT! at Winter Hollow - !IT!Lina dark blond B ( 25% off during event)
Necklace : !IT! at CMP- !IT! crux necklace (50% off during event)
Sweater: HUDSON's -  Sweater Sets & Jeans @ HUDSON's Dec13 2016 (NEW)
Dress: HUDSON's - HUDSON's groupgift december ( free)
Boots:  Winter Ice Christmas Fest - SNOW BOOTS BLACK  Winter Ice Christmas Fest 2016
Skates:  Winter Ice Rock Fest - My skates giver - Winter Ice Rock Fest. ( free)
Shoes: Slipper -  Slipper - Lacey Pumps Group Gift ( free/ but group join fee)
Chandelier: unKindness at TLC - uK - Snow Birds Chandeliers - TLC
Dog in pijama- JIAN - JIAN  Wonky Weenie :: Starry PJ's
Gnome:Hudson- Box from the Elf hunt
From inventory: Chair - Cleo Design
Pictures taken at: Fris'Land 
Bye bye, Nic

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