Wednesday, December 7, 2016

i wanne feel the warmth of your body ( Arcade gifts)

No man around and the body of the unicorn she couldn't reach closer in this cold. She is going to use the fireplace to get more warmth. A blogpost with sexy mini dresses is difficult in this winter time. But the dresses are worthwhile for you to wear inside a home or when dancing in sl.
The pink dress is from monaLISA at marketplace. Comes with a color hud. I like the black version also very much. The beige dress is from the Women Only Hunt 2 (dec 3 to 24 , 2016). Find a blue snowflake. I am showing 2 dresses in one post because there is so much these days, that i want show.
Under the Christmas tree at The Arcade are lots of presents. On the pictures you can see the necklace with flickering lights, the pink shoes and the sweet sleeping huskies. When you have a home in sl , don't forget to place them near your front door. The fireplace (resizeable) and the rack with the tools for the fire is a gift from MeshIndia for the Kitty cats calendar. The wood with snow is from the wintergacha from mesh India. So cute: the designer never saw snow in his real life and then making those super made winter items. Realy top!
Nic's boots are from Rowena's designs.

Pink dress: monaLISA - -mL- Glynis Dress (Maitreya/PHYS/HG/3Belleza)
Shoes: Empire at Arcade - #EMPIRE - Cranesbill (free)
Necklace ::ChicChica::: at Arcade -  :::ChicChica::: Season of Giving (free)
Beige dress: shine by [ZD] - shine by [ZD] - YES THIS IS IT! (free/ for WOHunt)
Boots: Rowena's Designs - part of {RS} Laryn Coat, Skirt & Boots with hud

Decor: Wood logs with snow: MeshIndia - MI Winter Decor gacha (60ld each try)
Fireplace: MeshIndia  in Kitty Cats calender - MeshIndia Kittycats Gift 2016(free)
Huskies: JIAN at Arcade- JIAN Holiday Huskies Gift
Car with tiny reindeers:[[RD]] at Arcade - [[RH]] No more sledge !! 9FREE (free/ see below)
Bench: [noctis] - [noctis] Medusa bench curved
From inventory: Pillows - Kalopsia
Pictures made at Enchanted Isle 

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