Wednesday, December 21, 2016

that keeps me going

Nic is showing the Christmas card that i got yesterday from someone who follows my blog everyday. She sended the card and said: " it's not a special card". I replied:" for me it's special because you thought about me". And then she said: " i think every day about you because i open your blog every morning". The day after that Nic was standing near the calendar at Entice, waiting to see all rezzing. Then someone near me said suddenly : "Hi - I have to tell you that I love your blog...your photos are always so classy and I often go to pick up the clothes you write about" And she even said more nice things!  Woot.... aren't that super nice compliments!? I wanted share my joy about that with you all. It's such a nice idea to bring pleasure with this blog. And i want say thanks to all the readers for following me. I hope you enjoy my blog and get good tips here.

Nic is wearing the super set from neve (former Coldlogic). May be you already saw this on blogs in red, so that is why i show you another color. The set comes with a very good hud  to change parts of the outfit. You also can wear the cardigan without the dress. The hair is from the Kitty Cats calendar from Analog Dog.
The decor is with a Christmas tree and the blue light strings from Silvery K. The bench with the cats i found somewhere in sl.

Dress: neve - neve gift - holiday 2016
Hair: Analog Dog at Kitty Cats - *Analog Dog Hair - Advent Calendar gift (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@s Grace
From inventory: Christmas trees and lights strings- Silvery K
Bye bye, Nic

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